Delivery Driver / Injuries and Death Confidential Settlement

A food delivery driver on a neighborhood run crashed his car into another car, causing injuries to a pregnant mother. Even worse, the driver went on to make his delivery rather than waiting for the police to arrive at the accident scene while the mother was injured.

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Following the wreck, the mother spontaneously gave birth a couple of days thereafter due to a tear in her placenta. Tragically, however, her baby died. Mark Clore was able to reach a confidential settlement against the food delivery company and on the mother’s behalf.

18 Wheeler / Brain Injury Confidential Settlement

A middle-aged man and his wife were traveling on a rural interstate highway to buy a present for their son when an 18-wheeler approached them from the opposite direction and passed them by. As it did, the 18 wheeler flung at high speed a large piece of metal from one of its broken brake drums.

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The heavy metal piece of fragmented brake drum flew through our client’s front windshield, striking him in the head while he was driving. Amazingly the wife, who was in the front passenger seat, was able to grab the wheel and bring the vehicle to a stop. But the man suffered a significant brain injury from the blow, and suit was brought against the trucking company and others for the 18 wheeler trucks’ mechanical and brake problems. Allegations included that the truck was not properly inspected, maintained or repaired. Clore Law Group, LLC was able to retain multiple expert witnesses and proof that ultimately resulted in a confidential settlement in favor of the brain-damaged man and his family.

Dump Truck Spill / Death Confidential Settlement

Clore Law Group, LLC achieved a confidential settlement for a widower and adult children of a woman who was killed when a dump truck overturned and its cargo spilled on top of and inside her car, thereby suffocating her, as she was slowing down or stopped in traffic.

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Automobile Accident / Paralysis Confidential Settlement

A young man was taking a car dealership’s automobile on a test drive, even though he didn’t have a valid driver’s license. It was alleged that he was speeding or racing his test-vehicle and carelessly crashed into a family’s minivan, causing it to overturn and roll.

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Because of the severity of the crash, the father who was driving the minivan suffered severe spinal bruising and permanent spinal cord damage, rendering him significantly paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. Clore Law Group, LLC went to trial for the man and his family, and the case settled after a week of trial and just before final jury arguments for a confidential amount.