Charleston Attorney Referrals

Attorney Kent M. Lucaccioni
Endorsement by Attorney Kent M. Lucaccioni

Clore Law Group provides legal assistance to other law firms and attorneys engaged in legal proceedings in a number of states across the country. Our office uses a team approach and we retain expert witnesses who will give you confidence in the outcome of your case. Our lawyers are used to coordinating with expert witnesses, investigators, analysts, and computer, financial and economic personnel throughout the development of your client’s case.

With seasoned and experienced lawyers, we have the flexibility to adapt our resources and schedules to meet your needs. We also maintain ongoing referral relationships with attorneys across the entire nation.

Clore Law Group, LLC is proud of the results our attorneys have achieved, but any prior results achieved on behalf of one client or for other law firms in one matter does not necessarily indicate, and cannot be relied upon to mean, that similar results can be obtained for other firms or clients.

Resources & Additional Legal Counsel

We continually invest in technology and develop techniques to uncover evidence and present demonstrative evidence in court. We use computer simulations and animations created with the expert advice of accident re-constructionists. While we settle many of our cases, we are prepared to try each case we accept.

Please contact us to inquire about potential attorney referrals to see how the Clore Law Group can serve you. Located in Charleston, the attorneys travel throughout the country and one or more are licensed in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Illinois. 

Clore Law Group is prepared to work with other lawyers and firms in cases involving the following: