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The current competitive business environment has many companies struggling to reach their goals. This results in great motivation to bend or outright break the law in order to succeed. Enforceable contracts are breached regularly with expectation the injured party will not take legal action.

Companies sometimes employ deceptive business practices, encourage breach of contract, or take calculated measures to interfere with contracts. An article on advises to notarize agreements to avoid contract disputes, but despite your best efforts you may still find yourself facing a business loss.

There are laws which provide legal recourse for those injured by unfair and deceptive business practices. Contact our experienced attorneys to understand your legal remedies available to a victim of fraud, tortious interference of contract, fiduciary duty, business disparagement or claims under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. These claims are commonly referred to as “business tort” claims and can result in significant punitive damages, as well as compensatory damages and lost interest.

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Business Losses & Contract Disputes

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Contract Dispute Attorneys

When a contract dispute arises and your attempts at resolution fail, you can file a lawsuit to enforce the contract. When claim values are smaller, you may be able to use “small claims” court for the issue or have a mediator/arbitrator review a contract dispute. The later two options are known as “alternative dispute resolution.”

When the value of the contract in dispute is larger, a formal litigation process that can lead to a jury trial is often needed. Regardless of the chosen remedy for a breach of contract, the non-breaching party suffering the business loss should be entitled to some kind of remedy under the law.

Business Litigation

A lawyer handling business litigation should have experience, effective strategies and verifiable success in civil trial law. He or she should have experience with jury trials; that is where many business tort cases lead. They should also have qualified expert witnesses and consultants in order to win your case. Clore Law Group has the experience needed for success.

The business litigation attorney on your case will evaluate whatever contract issues or business torts claim you have, and inform you of your available options. Some cases are resolved through compromise; however, we will be ready to litigate to a summary-judgment hearing or jury trial if that’s what is needed to win.