Police Chase Wreck / Death

A middle-aged lady was killed during a high-speed chase  by police who were pursuing a suspected burglar when the police SUV crashed into her. The lady was on her way to a funeral, with a green light ahead of her, when the police vehicle T-boned her car at an intersection and when the light was red for the police. The woman suffered severe injuries, including broken bones, and a brain stem tear; she was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital. A law firm in Chicago hired the Clore Law Group, LLC to jointly prosecute the case with them for the deceased lady and her estate. By the time of trial, the City-defendant did not contest responsibility for the wreck, or the woman’s death, but did fight the amount of compensation or damages. Clore Law Group, LLC tried this part of the case, along with Chicago co-counsel, to a Judge in Chicago, Illinois, and the Court awarded a total verdict of $3.5 million for the women’s suffering and to her estate, which consisted of her adult siblings.

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