West Ashley Cyclist Killed in Hit & Run Accident

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A deadly hit-and-run involving a car and bicycle early Friday morning in West Ashley continues what seems to be a string of days, if not weeks, of serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes in the Lowcountry. The incident occurred on Savannah Highway near White Oak Drive just before 1:30 am. Officers say both the cyclist and the motorist were traveling south at the time of the incident and they confirmed the victim was killed. The Clore Law Group is committed to helping the families of cyclists killed by negligent drivers. Call today to discuss your potential wrongful death lawsuit.

Are you safer on a bicycle than in a car?

Figures released by NHTSA in February of 2011 show bicycle deaths have been declining. Much like the dubious distinction Charleston holds for being one of the most dangerous places to drive, South Carolina is also in the 'top five' worst states nationally in terms of the per capita deaths to cyclists. Bicycle deaths are a relatively small percentage of traffic fatalities, so we could say driving is still more safe. There was another bicycle death in the West Ashley area last May. The reality is cyclists don't choose to ride for safety factors. They choose to ride for fun, exercise or more cost effective transportation. This is why there are laws that give cyclists rights to share the road with motor vehicles.

Bicycle Safety Tips

The South Carolina Department of Transportation lists the following helpful safety tips for avoiding bicycle accidents.

  • Obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Never ride against traffic – Motorists aren't looking for bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road.
  • Follow lane markings.
  • Don't pass on the right. A majority of accidents occur when a car is turning right at an intersection.
  • Scan the road behind you – Learn to look back over your shoulder without losing your balance or swerving. Some riders use rear-view mirrors.
  • Keep both hands ready to brake.
  • Allow extra distance for stopping in the rain.
  • Wear a helmet and never ride with headphones.
  • Dress appropriately – In rain wear a poncho or waterproof suit. Wear bright-colored clothing.
  • Use hand signals.
  • Ride in the middle of the lane at busy intersections and whenever you are moving at the same speed as traffic.
  • Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you. Drivers report not seeing a cyclist until the moment of impact.
  • Use lights if you must ride at night.
  • Keep your bike in good repair, especially your brakes and tires.

Many of these are not just good tips, they are the law, and riders can receive traffic citations for failing to obey the rules of the road.

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