Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson’s Doctor

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Who can Sue for the Death of Michael Jackson?

The current wrongful death lawsuit are unlikely to prevail. Michael Jackson had removed his father from his will making the basis of the familial qualification to file a wrongful death lawsuit questionable. State laws vary, but you can assume they all stipulate close family is entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The will and the made for TV movies of Joe Jackson's treatment of his son will make that a challenge for the father's lawsuit.

The children of Michael Jackson are the one's who will be abel to make a successful wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray. Since the kids are minors, state law may require them to have a legal guardian, called a guardian ad litem, appointed to look out for their interests in the lawsuit. Although a criminal judge declared him criminal negligent for the dad's death, a wrongful death lawyer will tell you a victorious wrongful death suit still faces challenges.

Challenges for the Family of Michael Jackson

There are complications that may prove troublesome. If we assume a wrongful death verdict, are the damages collectable? Did Dr. Conrad Murray have insurance? Does he personally have the ability to pay a verdict? A criminal conviction means years in prison and loss of medical license. If he doesn't have the money, he will be unlikely to soon. Many families need to file wrongful death to be compensated for medical expense and future earning or there family will face financial hardship. One may assume the family of Michael Jackson is not in such a position. We may not see a wrongful death lawsuit from the children. The statute of limitation for wrongful death in South Carolina is 3 years. The time in which to file varies from state to state. It could be the children have yet to decide to take action or that the attorney has chosen to wait to the criminal case was finished. Either way, we should know if the family of Michael Jackson will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit by June 25, 2012.

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