Whistle Blower Ruling

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According to the Charlotte Observer, the court has ruled a former top OSHA official a victim of retaliatory action when he was fired in 2009 after speaking to reporters who were investigating dangerous conditions and workplace injuries in the poultry industry. OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Many whistle blower complaints must be filed with this very agency. This means the court has rule this man's right were violated by an agency who is charge with protecting his rights.

What is a whistle blower?

The term whistle blower was coined in the 1970's by attorney and political activist Ralph Nader. Up til then, some one who reported their owner employer for wrong doings may have been called an "informer." Clearly the language painted the person in a negative light. There are numerous laws that would fall into the whistle blower category. These laws are typically enacted following a highly publicize case, like the Lloyd – La Follette Act of 1912 . The Clean Water Act of 1972 was the first to include employee protection. The oldest law of record was the 1863 US False Claims Act which aimed to fight fraud with government suppliers during the Civil War. These lawsuits are extremely complex. That's why there have been multiple act aimed to stop the the government and corporations from using fear of retaliation to keep employees from telling the truth. Most times these case can cause negative publicity and extreme financial expense to the accused; therefor, they are very motivated to cover up any wrong doings. Coming forward is a great risk for the employee, but the information is of the utmost importance to all Americans. For example, The Clean Air Act is designed to control air pollution on a national level. The whistleblower's information will benefit the entire society!

Carolina's Whistle Blower Attorney

As this rule indicates, even the agency charged with protecting an employee's right may fail to help you. You can trust Clore Law Group will have your, and only your, best interest in mind. If you were fired for bringing to light an organization's fraudulent actions, call today for a free consultation.

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