What Kinds of Personal Injury Claims Are Filed in Charleston?


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As is the case with any metropolitan area, Charleston personal injury claims are diverse. There are any instances under which a person may be harmed as a result of another person's actions or inaction, and the injured party or his family are often entitled to recumbence for losses and damages. Here's a look at some of the claims most commonly heard in court, including details on how frequently each event occurs. Car Accidents Thankfully, the number of car accidents in Charleston appear to be declining. Although insurance companies often cover damages and medical bills which result from collisions, this isn't always the case. According to City Data, the latest annual statistics indicate there were 12 fatal collisions, which involved 14 vehicles, and took the lives of 15 people. Four of the car accidents involved alcohol, and four of them also involved pedestrians. Brain Injuries Although there aren't any readily-available statistics for Charleston, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are fairly common throughout the Palmetto State. According to the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina, there are 61,000 people within the state who are disabled due to a TBI, and 1,300 more people are added to that count every year. Most of the time, TBI is caused by a fall, though car accidents also rank high on the list, followed by assault, and being struck. Dangerous Premises Often, dangerous premises incidents are referred to as premises liability or slip-and-fall claims. They are they are the result of a property owner or occupier failing to maintain a safe environment. It's unclear how often these kinds of personal injury claims are handled in Charleston, though the CDC says 2.5 million older adults are treated in emergency rooms every year for falls, and 200,000 children ages 14 and under are treated every year for playground-related injuries. Defective Products Each year hundreds of food products, medications, medical devices, toys, and safety devices are recalled by manufacturers and government agencies. According to CNN, just last year, one out of every five cars on the road had been recalled. It's not really a question of whether you'll come across a defective or dangerous product in everyday life, but how much damage it will cause when you do. Medical Malpractice Nationally, there is about one payout every 43 minutes for medical malpractice, per a Forbes Magazine report. Approximately 200,000 people are killed each year due to medical errors, and an estimated one-million people are hurt.

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It's worth noting that reparations are not limited to the types of events detailed here. Generally speaking, any time an individual is hurt, a court may require contributing parties to compensate the victim. Types of incidents we routinely see are available on our case list. If you or a loved one has been hurt due to another party's negligence, a court may award you with the funds necessary to rebuild your life and heal. For a free consultation, please complete our online form, or speak to one of our attorneys right now by calling 1(800)610-2546.

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