What Does a Personal Injury Case Involve?


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If you've never had to file a lawsuit or even talk with a lawyer, the idea that you could have to sue someone after suffering a personal injury can be pretty terrifying. Not many people enjoy conflict so the thought of having to go to court to recover expenses for your injuries could stop you from even reaching out for assistance. Too many people have significant misconceptions about the entire personal injury lawsuit process but it's actually a lot less stressful than you may think. To dispel some of these common fallacies, let's take a look at how the average case works and what's involved.

The Start of the Case

Typically a personal injury case begins soon after you have suffered an injury. However, that's not always the case. Let's say you suffer from an injury that you only become aware of quite some time later. Your ability to file a claim will depend on you discovering that you have suffered some type of harm. Lawsuits of this nature can kick off after discovering you have been injured, even if that means it's years after suffering harm or being involved in an incident.

As a result of the injuries you may find yourself having to pay for rehabilitative services, health care or any other medical expenses. You could also lose money from no longer being able to work, suffer a loss of lifestyle or even experience other monetary or personal losses, referred to as damages.

Once you file a personal injury lawsuit, you are entitled to recover money for such damages.

Hire a Lawyer

You've suffered an injury and incurred damages so you want to know what the next step is. For many, it's talking to and even hiring a personal injury attorney. The lawyer will take you through a variety of questions about the case and the extent of your injuries. He or she may also ask for evidence supporting your claims. You will then decide the best course of action together.

Demand Letter, Negotiations and the Lawsuit

Typically when a person hires a personal injury lawyer, the lawyer won't file a lawsuit immediately. Rather, he or she will send a letter of demand to the person or organization responsible for your damages and injuries. The letter states what compensation you are seeking and the reason you believe the other party should pay you as well as the legal basis for the case.

If the other party fails to come to an agreement once they've received the demand letter, you can being the lawsuit process. This involves your lawyer representing you in a local court, filing a lawsuit and going through a series of steps such as collecting information and negotiating the other side to try and reach a settlement. The case usually only goes to trial if both parties cannot agree on a settlement.

Do You Need to File a Lawsuit?

Don't be put off by the process of a personal injury lawsuit. Take the time to talk to a lawyer at Clore Law Group about your case and find out what route to take.

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