Unexpected Reasons You’re More-Likely to Have a Summer Car Accident


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When people think of summer, it's often of vacations, beaches, and fun times. The roads are clear, there's no snow on the ground, and the weather is gorgeous. Seemingly, the warmer months would be the best time to be on the road. If national statistics are indicative of Charleston car accident rates, though, summer months are the deadliest. More Accidents Happen Between June and November Throughout the country, 32,719 fatalities occurred in the most-recent reporting year according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In the snowy month of February, just 6% of fatalities occur, but as the weather warms up, fatal accidents increase as well. By the time June and July arrive, 9% of the yearly's fatalities occur within each month. Fatalities on the road peak at 10% in the month of August, and then decline at a steady rate through February again. Common Causes for Summer Car Accidents Winter hazards are generally obvious, and most people instinctively take steps to overcome or avoid them. However, summer events aren't easily identified, which makes them more difficult to prepare for and respond to. There are more inexperienced drivers on the road. Because school is on break for the summer, high school and college students log more hours behind the wheel instead. Lack of driving experience adds up to more collisions, and the severity of them increases as well. Construction takes over the streets. Most municipalities are unable to do road maintenance during the winter months, so activity peaks once it warms up outside. Not only does construction pose a hazard in and of itself, but it also leads to more congestion on the roads. Vacationers crowd the roads. As extra people take to the streets headed to vacation destinations, the roads naturally become more congested and more difficult to navigate. Moreover, those on vacation aren't usually in a rush to get anywhere and they aren't familiar with the roads, so they tend to drive much slower than locals do. There are more cyclists and motorcyclists out during the warmer months. Naturally, bikes and motorcycles add to congestion, but the biggest problem is that motorists don't expect to see them, so they don't look for them. Between road conditions and heat, road rage increases. Dehydration from excessive temperatures can also lead to impairment, which can manifest itself as road rage or other unsafe driving practices. Tire blowouts occur more often when it's hot out. The air inside tires naturally expands with heat. Although severely worn tires are more at risk for blowouts caused by this expansion, extreme heatwaves can cause seemingly road-worthy tires to fail as well.

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