Tractor Trailers Take 40% Longer to Stop


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There's no shortage of tractor-trailers in the Lowcountry. The Port of Charleston makes sure of it! The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers presented by commercial vehicles. Tractor trailers, also known as 18 wheelers, present special dangers to motorists. They can weigh 40 tons without additional permitting, which is why they take 40% longer to stop. As a result, there are regulations on the weight they can carry. Anti-lock brakes are a requirement on tractor-trailers. This is credited with reducing the number of jackknife crashes, during which the rear wheels lock up and the trailer swings around. The most dangerous truck accidents are rollovers. This often happens when a tractor-trailer traverses a loose surface and the driver overcorrects while trying to steer it back onto pavement.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Accidents involving tractor-trailers can be quite complex. A great deal of evidence can be lost, if you don't take action soon enough. Many trucking companies hurry to make repairs to get the rigs back on the road as soon as possible, thereby destroying evidence that could be useful in proving your case. With all the regulations on truckers, there's none that force them to save the evidence! Trucking accidents are typically more complicated than auto accidents because there are multiple parties which may be responsible; aach of those companies will do everything they can to avoid taking responsibility. The lawyers for the trucking companies handle cases like these day in and day out. They have accident re-constructionists and expert witnesses awaiting their call to ensure their best interests are protected. You'll need an experienced attorney if you are to get the settlement you'll need for your medical expenses.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

The Clore Law Group has helped others seek financial damages following a negligent accident. You may be entitled to medical expenses and loss of income - both past and future. You may also be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering. Early investigation is imperative to preservation of evidence. Many modern trucks have black boxes which record speed, braking, and rpm and even hours driven that day. This important evidence can be used to demonstrate violation of trucking rules and regulations. Trucking accident claims are handled on a contingency basis, which means we earn our fees when we win your case. We shoulder the expenses involved with your case too. In other words, it costs you nothing to discuss your case. Waiting, on the other hand, can cost you everything.

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