Toyo Tire Recall

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Toyo Tire USA Corp. said it is recalling certain Toyo Extensa A/S tires, size p225/60r16 97t, because of a possible flaw that could lead to tire failure. The company said the tire recall includes 66,763 tires produced from Sept. 20, 2009, through Nov. 6, 2010 and distributed to retailers in the U.S. Some of these tires may have been made with a kink in the bead area. Under certain conditions including overloading and underinflation, the kink may lead to a crack near the bead. Left unattended the crack could result in sudden tire failure, loss of control and a crash. In a document filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Toyo said it will notify owners and replace the tires free of charge. The recall is expected to begin about Feb. 2. Owners may contact the tire maker at 800-442-8696. The company said the tire recall affects products manufactured at its plant in Georgia and carry a "Made in USA" label. Tires with the "Made in Japan" or "Made in China" mark on the sidewall are not included in the tire recall.

Tire Recall Law Suit

If you or someone you loved was injured in a car accident involving the failure of these recalled tires, you have legal rights. You should consult a skill lawyer familiar with the law governing product safety. In 2000, more than 200 deaths and 700 injuries nationwide resulted from Ford Explorers rolling over as the result of tread separation on one of its Firestone tires. Some fell apart with fewer than 2,000 miles of wear and at speed of only 20 miles per hour. This means that the blame for the accidents and damage caused by these defective products falls on the manufacturer Bridgestone/Firestone and Ford.

Tire Recall Attorney

If your loved one was killed in an accident involving a tire blow out or other malfunction, call the Clore Law Group today. They can research defective products to determine if there is a party to hold responsible for you family member's wrongful death.

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