Teenager Charged in fatal DUI


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The teenager accused of driving under the influence and causing a crash that killed an elderly woman is expected to have a preliminary hearing tomorrow. Samuel McCauley is reported to have driven the wrong direction on I-26. This should results in numerous charges including driving without a license and felony DUI. Felony DUI is the criminal charge when a drunk driver injures or kills another person. Car accident resulting in death are events that change the lives of countless people. This young boy will be facing criminal charges, but his actions will also likely lead to a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death attorney would be faced with proving the accused negligence in the civil lawsuit. It is important to understand the civil action and the criminal charge are independent. One can be found guilty of criminal charges, but not negligent in the wrongful death lawsuit. This does not happen as often as the reserve, where one is cleared of criminal charges, but found negligent in a civil suit. They each have differing requirements.

Wrongful Death in Charleston

When a person's actions are found to have cause a another person's death, in it referred to as wrongful death. This is different from other personal injury lawsuits, where an injured person sue another party for causing their injury. Since the victim is deceased, the family has the legal right to bring a legal action for financial damages against the negligent party. Charleston has a dynamic community of commerce based on tourism which brings visitors unfamiliar with the roads. The Port of Charleston requires thousand of tractor-trailers to navigate I-26 and the narrow surface roads of Charleston. The Citadel, College of Charleston and other schools in the area mean an abundance of students bicycling to class. All this leads to an abundance of accident resulting in death that could be deemed wrongful death.

South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death is an area of law that an attorney would need to concentrate to be most successful. If you lost a loved one, you should consider how frequently they handle wrongful death claim in your decision making process. The Clore Law Group routinely handles wrongful death claims; especially those resulting from car and truck accidents. Call 843-722-8070 today to speak to an accomplish wrongful death attorney.

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