SUV Roll-over in North Charleston

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North Charleston police are investigating a SUV rollover on Wescott Boulevard involving on Sunday night. The accident happened just before 6 p.m. near Dorchester Road. Police aren't releasing any details about the accident or how many people were inside at the time. Sources at the scene say at least one person went to the hospital. read more

SUV Rollover Information

While the headlines are not buzzing with Ford Explorer or other SUV rollover accidents as the once did, the danger is still present. SUV have the highest rate of rollover accident of all vehicle classes. While their high center of gravity has been cited as a contributing factor, it does not relieve the auto manufacturers of the duty they owe their customers. They need to produce vehicles that meet safety standards.

Did you know there was an SUV rollover rating? This safety test rating is relatively new. The Bridgestone/Firestone Ford rollover deaths in 2001 caused an increased focus on SUV rollover ratings. There has been little improvements and SUV rollover deaths continue to rise. SUV's have become the second most used vehicle for transporting children, after the minivan.

Eighty two percent of the increase of highway deaths in 2002 was attributed to fatal rollover crashes with SUV rollover. Thankfully, the cost of gas has slowed the demand on SUV, but this does not relieve them of the duty they owe car buyers.

Charleston SUV Rollover Lawyer

When people are injured in a SUV rollover, they have a long road of recovery. Whats more, they will have a pile of medical expense associated with the wreck. They may not be able to work, so the income will stop as the expense increase. The family of victims killed in a SUV rollover will struggle with grief and potentially the loss of the primary income earner. Contact an attorney experienced in SUV rollover accidents to represent you and your family. The Clore Law Group has helpful victims and the family of victims hurt or killed in SUV rollover accidents.

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