Car Wreck After the Superbowl

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The University of Toronto released a study in 2003 of accident statistics revealing a 41% increase in car accidents following the Super Bowl. Crash info from 27 Super Bowl Sundays was compared to that of the Sundays preceding and following the big game from 1975 to 2001. The accident rate jumped 70% in the first 60 minutes following the Super Bowl. They also discovered a 10% drop in the vehicular accident rate during the game itself, since far fewer people were on the road on that time. Serious injuries and death resulting from car accidents after major events affects many innocent people who were not even at the event. Pedestrians, bicyclist and others drivers are clearly at a greater risk after a sporting evert like the Superbowl.

Increased Injuries Following the Superbowl

The New England Journal of Medicine reported the largest surges in the car wrecks happen in the home states of the losing team. The number of crashes increased 68% after the telecast ended. The winners' state rose only 6 percent. Accidents climbed an average of 46% in other states. It would seem that staying home may be the safest way in which to enjoy the big game. If you or a family member is hurt in a car wreck after the Superbowl, there may be multiple parties to be held responsible. The at fault party may be held accountable for you medical expenses and pain and suffering. Those serving the alcohol may also be held liable in accordance with Dram Shop laws.

Superbowl Accident Attorney

Car accidents following the Superbowl have been attributed to fatigue, alcohol and simply being distracted. Regardless of the reason, the at fault person should be held accountable for the injuries they caused. Contact a Charleston lawyer at the Clore Law Group now to protect your rights.

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