Study Reveals the Real Reasons People Sue for Medical Malpractice


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In Charleston, medical malpractice suits are commonplace. All it takes is for a healthcare professional to rush or overlook protocol for a moment, and a person's life can end. Although these suits routinely provide survivors and families with the funds to start rebuilding, obtaining a settlement isn't the usually primary focus of those who seek legal representation in their time of trouble. A study published by researchers from the Academic Department of Psychiatry of Saint Mary's Hospital in London uncovered the real reasons why people choose litigation, and, unless you've been in this unfortunate situation, the answers might surprise you.

  1. Victims Want to Stop the Same thing from Happening to Someone Else – First and foremost, people choose to sue for altruistic reasons. They genuinely want to help save lives and to protect other people from being harmed in the same manner. Lawsuits are an effective method for achieving this, as agencies often adopt new safety protocols, and legislation is altered, when cases are brought to light.
  2. Victims Want the Incident Investigated – Interestingly, many people opt not to sue if they have faith in their doctor and believe he was honest with them, even if they think he was at fault for an injury. However, when this confidence is shaken due to poor communication, victims and their families want the incident investigated by a third party. In these situations, litigation can prompt a thorough analysis of what occurred, and affected parties receive the answers they need.
  3. Families Want Financial Help to Provide Care for their Loved One – Financial gain doesn't appear until the third reason why people sue, and, again, it's rather altruistic. In many situations where serious injury has occurred as a result of negligence, families must find a way to provide long-term care for their loved one. This is also where seeking reparations to help cover the loss of income from a family's breadwinner fits in, as well as other economic damages.
  4. Victims Want to Hold the Negligent Parties Accountable – Even when medical malpractice comes into play, holding the responsible parties accountable is not about retribution. Victims and their families often seek litigation as a means to help ensure that negligent individuals understand the harm they've caused, and that they've taken a life-lesson away from the experience. In a way, their motivation is similar to those who sue because they want an investigation of events.

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