South Carolina Seeing More Car Accidents Due to Winter Weather


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The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is again warning residents of hazardous road conditions brought on by the cold snap. Charleston car accidents are likely to increase, though the areas that are most dangerous right now are Anderson, Abbeville, Pickens, Oconee, Laurens, Greenwood and Counties. Across the state, freezing rain has downed trees and have left patches of black ice behind. Due to temperature variations, the ice is expected to melt and refreeze over and over again throughout the next several days. Meanwhile, shelters throughout the state are opening their doors earlier due to the bitter cold, and many schools are operating on alternate schedules or canceling programs, according to WCSC 5 News. SCDOT is working tirelessly to clear debris from roads, remove snow, and salt heavily traveled areas, but it's advisable to stay at home if you can, or at least be aware of the hazards. You Probably Won't Detect the Presence of Black Ice Until It's Too Late Black ice is incredibly deadly because it's nearly undetectable. When freezing rain hits the road, it forms a thin, clear surface, which allows you to see the road right through it. It usually appears first in areas that allow the cold air to circulate freely around it, such as on a bridge or overpass. Areas that are shaded by trees and other tall structures are also areas of high risk. NOAA released an alert recently to residents of Charleston to remain vigilant, drive slow, and to exercise caution even while walking. What to do if You're Caught in a Skid If you lose control of your vehicle on a patch of black ice, it's often possible to correct the skid before you have a car accident.

  1. Do not hit the brakes
  2. .
  3. Take your foot off the gas pedal.
  4. Turn in the direction of the skid/ the direction the back of the car is going.
  5. Gently accelerate as you come out of the turn.

You're Only as Safe as the Other Drivers are Skilled and Alert Even if you have years of experience driving on South Carolina's roads during the winter, remember that not everyone else has the same level of expertise. You will also be on the road with novices and drunk drivers, as well as alongside people using their phones and those distracted by an array of things. Don't take this risk during inclement weather unless you're tending to an urgent matter. Depending on the circumstances at the time, you may be advised to stay home unless it's a true emergency.

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