Smoke Inhalation Death

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One resident of Horry County suffered smoke inhalation and death Saturday following a home fire. Many victims of fatal fires have both smoke inhalation and burn injuries. One report shows that 60-80% of fire-related deaths in the US are a result of smoke inhalation. Modern burn centers have reduced the mortality from burn injuries, but the mortality rate of inhalation injury has been increasing. Respiratory failure is the most common cause of death at burn centers. If you were suffered smoke inhalation in a fire caused by another person, defective product or other dangerous building mistake, contact a Charleston attorney at the Clore Law Group today. They have the experience you'll need to collect the financial damage affording you under the law.

Smoke Inhalation Law Suit

If this unfortunately fatality in found to be the result of negligence, the family may have good reason to file a wrongful death action. Some grieving families struggle to make the connection, since the fire was not actually the cause of death. According to South Carolina Wrongful death laws, a negligent party may be held accountable for death by smoke inhalation if it is determined they were responsible for the fire. Smoke inhalation lawsuits can be more complicated than other wrongful death actions. Be sure you consult an attorney who has handle claims like this successfully in the past.

Smoke Inhalation Diagnosis

Another potentially liable party in a inhalation injury or death can be a doctor. Symptoms can present 24-36 hours after the injury. There are not sensitive test available, so diagnosis has to made by a doctor's careful examination. If said doctor lacks the experience or misses clear symptoms, you can file a medical malpractice lawsuit based on his/her missed diagnosis. If you suffered an inhalation injury or loved one was killed in a fire, you should consult an experience smoke inhalation lawyer. If the fire was the result of a third parties negligence, they should be saddled with the financial expenses you have incurred as a result of their reckless actions. Aside, from your own financial recovery, lawsuits are a tool to hold careless parties accountable and force the accountable party to make greater efforts of prevention in the future. Call 800-610-2546 now to speak with an attorney about your smoke inhalation lawsuit.

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