Your Smartphone Could Be a Savior After a Car Accident


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If you already suffered a personal injury in a car accident, now could be a little too late, but here is some essential advice for the future. If you want the perfect tool right on hand should you crash and to ensure you document everything you possibly can to make sure your claim goes smoothly, chances are you already have it in the palm of your hand – your smartphone.

How a Smartphone Can Help You in a Car Accident

These days, smartphones have everything you could possibly need should you be involved in an accident. Whether you're hit lightly or involved in a serious crash resulting in personal injuries, everything in the car tends to get messed up, doesn't it? The coffee spills onto the floor, the pen rolls under a seat and you are too anxious and shocked to find your insurance information. Well, the other person involved in the accident has the exact same problems going on. So what can you do to ensure the accident is properly documented? Grab your smartphone. Start taking photographs of where the debris is in relation to the vehicles themselves. Take photographs of your bumpers and anything that was damaged on your vehicle during the crash. You should also try and take pictures of the other vehicles involved and even try to get all involved vehicles in a picture with some landmarks around them. A simple, single video on your smartphone could take care of all these elements in one shot. While this may all sound like a lot of work when you've just had a car accident and very possibly suffered injuries, the information can be very helpful in an accident reconstruction should one be necessary later. Record Everything in Real Time With smartphone technology, there's no more a need for "he said, she said" guesswork. In fact, you don't need to write much down at all. Simply turn on the record button on your smartphone, identify the time and location and say something along the lines of "I can't find a pen right now and don't have any paper on me, so may I record this conversation?" Then proceed to ask the other driver/s to read out their insurance information, license information and any other necessary details. Then ask the person is they caused the accident, whether or not they think they were at fault and if they think you did anything wrong. All of this information can be important when it comes to making your claims. People at accident scenes can be rather contrite when they cause an accident and are quick to tell everybody what happened. What can sometimes happen when the insurance company later talks to that person is that they think about it and realize their facts may be a little off and they start becoming uncertain of how much at fault they really were or were not.

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