Simple Screening Could Shield Babies from Charleston Medical Malpractice


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What if a very simple, non-invasive screening procedure could potentially save your unborn baby's life? Would you expect your doctor to perform it? If you're like most parents, of course you would. Throughout pregnancy, dozens of tests are performed to ensure a baby is growing and developing normally. For some reason, American doctors routinely overlook a basic diagnostic test that could save thousands of lives and prevent an unknown number of injuries every year. Countless medical malpractice suits are filed because of this negligent behavior, because there is no excuse for doctors not to exercise diligence. 10% of Stillbirths are Caused by Umbilical Cord Problems When a baby is lost during the last 20 weeks of pregnancy, it's referred to as a stillbirth. This can occur at any point during that period of development, whether right at the cusp of the 20-week mark or if the unthinkable occurs in the delivery room. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, states that there are 26,000 known stillbirths in America every year, though the number could be higher due to poor reporting processes. Of these, 10%, or roughly 2,600 deaths, are caused by problems with the umbilical cord. It is presently not known how many injuries result, though experts seem to concur the number is exponentially higher. One Test Could Save Many of these Lives and Prevent Injuries A simple ultrasound, which is routinely performed in pregnancy anyway, can help detect umbilical cord issues. When the test is timed well, a trained technician can spot potential issues and report back to the doctor so he may take appropriate action. However, this kind of testing can only be done with a doctor's prescription, and so many mothers go without the basic diagnostic test, believing their doctor is monitoring progress as much as possible. This is also why, when death or injury occurs, parents often have cause to pursue a medical malpractice case. Nuchal Cords are Only One Cause of Injury Contrary to popular belief, nuchal cords, or when the cord is wrapped around the baby's neck, are only one possible problem. Umbilical cords can knot or twist, causing the same problem. They can also wrap around other body parts, such as an arm, which may result in the baby's vitality being cut off, or in injury to the body part. This is dangerous on its own, but when combined with delivery aides, like forceps, there is an even greater chance of harm.

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Unfortunately, evidence of umbilical cord issues usually disappears immediately following the birth of the child. However, sometimes charts are noted, or doctors provide a half-truth, referring to the incident as "an accident." In other words, they may behave as if it was unforeseeable and unpreventable. If your baby was stillborn or has permanent injuries due to an umbilical cord problem, you may be entitled to compensation. Your case may be able to provide you with the funds necessary to provide ongoing medical support for your child and might also help bring about a change in obstetrics. For a free consultation, please contact us online or speak with one of our attorneys now by calling 1(800)610-2546.

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