Shopping Cart Injuries Continue to Result in Dangerous Premises Claims


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In Charleston, dangerous premises claims are usually related to "slip and fall" incidents. However, with more than 20,000 children being treated by emergency departments nationally every year, shopping carts can pose a great danger as well. Perhaps the worst part of it is, most of these injuries and deaths could have been prevented, and are the direct result of poor design or negligence on the part of the store's staff. 66 Children are Injured Every Day Back in 2004, a national opt-in shopping cart safety standard was created. It encouraged retailers to do things like include safety restraints on their carts and post warnings of the common hazards. Although many retailers have adopted the policies, they've had no impact on the number of accidents and injuries. The American Academy of Pediatrics was involved in a study that revealed over 24,200 kids under age 15 were taken to emergency rooms in a single year, despite the safety standard. More than half of all shopping cart-related injuries are caused by falls, and about a quarter are caused by tip-overs. Around three-quarters of all injuries involve the head or neck, which is why they can be so deadly.

Retailers Have a Responsibility to:

  • Ensure carts are free from defects
  • Ensure carts are well-maintained
  • Ensure carts have working seatbelts

You Can Help Keep Your Child Safe By:

  • Choosing to use a cart with seats that are low to the ground
  • Using a stroller or other device when safe carts are not available
  • Only allowing children to ride in the seat, rather than the main area of the cart
  • Using a seat belt to strap the child in
  • Not placing child carriers or car seats on/in the cart
  • Only allowing adults to push the cart

Adults Get Injured as Well It isn't just kids who are hurt by shopping carts. Adults are often pinched when a mechanism unexpectedly closes. Although this usually results in minor injuries, the pressure can be strong enough to cause breaks or fractures. Dangerous premises claims also often occur when roadways and floors are not maintained. Wheels can catch potholes or other obstructions, causing the cart to tip or the person pushing it may fall. A lot of the time, the retailer can do something to prevent these kinds of injuries, such as performing maintenance, or choosing safer carts.

Charleston Dangerous Premises Attorney

Retailers have an obligation to provide a safe environment. When they fail to do so, they can, and should be, held accountable for their actions. Incidents involving shopping carts can be incredibly complex, because the retailer, property owner, and other parties may all share some of the blame. Moreover, big businesses don't always accept responsibility, and they may try to blame you if you have been hurt. If you've been injured because a business failed to follow standard safety protocols, you may be entitled to reparations, regardless of what the company says. If a court finds that an entity was negligent, you may receive compensation for your medical expenses, losses, and for pain and suffering. For a free consultation, please contact us online, or speak to an attorney now by calling 1(800)610-2546.

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