School Bus Crash in Orangeburg


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A middle school bus accident turned deadly Monday in Orangeburg. The driver of another vehicle was killed and the school bus driver was taken to the hospital. Law enforcement have yet to release their finding of the cause of the fatal car accident.

Liability in School Bus Accidents

The most unfortunate part of a wreck like this is the number of people affected since a school bus holds dozens of children. There is much on line. Children injured may face 60+ years of needed medical attention due to disability and other severe injuries occurring in the crash. School bus crashes involving injury and death can be very complicated from a legal perspective. Often times the buses are not even owned by the school district and the drivers may be employees of a third party company. The school district owes a duty of safety to each and every family who places the trust of their children's transportation to them, but they may not be the only party to be held liable.

School Bus Accident Attorney

Determining who may be held accountable for injuries and death due to a school buss accident is only the first strep. Your lawyer may need to hire expert witnesses and accident re-constructionist to prove fault. You will need a lawyer who has the experience to win your case. The insurance company for the liable party will fight to protect their client. Who will fight for your rights? The Clore Law Group is a committed team of South Carolina Lawyers who have helped others win their personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Call 800-610-2546 now to speak with an attorney if you were injured or if a family member was killed in a school bus accident.

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