Safety Tips to Avoid A Motorcycle Injury


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According to statistics, eight out of 10 motorcycle accidents result in a motorcycle injury. In fact, the N.C Division of Motor Vehicles reports that there were just under 4,000 motorcycle accidents in North Carolina in 2013 alone. Of these accidents, 81 percent resulted in injuries and 154 lead to death. While a lot of accidents are caused by other motorists who aren't alert for motorcyclists, it's usually the bikers that pay the price for another person on the road's mistake. You can decrease the odds of getting into an accident, though, by taking safety precautions when riding your bike. These 5 safety tips could save your life:

  • Being Safe – make sure both your bike and you are ready for the road. Check the motorbike for potential problems or required maintenance like loose brakes, wheel wobble or proper motor oil, every time before you hit the road. Also, make sure your capabilities match the bike's. If you're able to, take a rider course to help avoid a motorcycle injury.
  • Sticking Out – many drivers who hit a motorcyclist claim they didn't see the biker. When riding, stay far back from cars and trucks and avoid riding in their blind spots. Remember to use hand signals to get attention and wear bright colors.
  • Driving Defensively – always keep an eye on road and traffic conditions and know what's going on around you. Be wary of turning vehicles and be mindful of where you can go to avoid a vehicle crossing your path. It's also a good idea to avoid frequent lane changing or riding between vehicles.
  • Being On Top of Things – if you've been drinking, taking drugs or feel fatigues, don't get on a bike. All of these affect your reflexes and slow reaction times, compromising your judgement.
  • Wearing a Helmet – make sure you wear a DOT-approved helmet. It's the most effective step to avoiding a brain injury or even death from a motorcycle injury to the head. Also, you should always wear protective gear such as boots that cover the ankles, a face shield that attaches to the helmet and gloves.

Do You Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? Clore Law's team have years of experience dealing with and protecting the rights of motorcycle riders who are injured in accidents caused by other motorists' negligence in North Carolina. We can help motorcyclists protect themselves on the road and will be there for you when you need help dealing with the insurance companies that want to blame the motorcyclist for an accident. While these 5 tips can help you to avoid an accident, you cannot help other people's negligence on the road. If you or a loved one have endured a motorcycle injury that was someone else's fault, let us help you claim the compensation you rightfully deserve. Call us today at 843-722-8070 to book a consultation.

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