Be Safe Charleston: Personal Injury Claims Soar in UberX Territories


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Online marketplaces, crowdsourcing, and peer-to-peer venues are commonplace these days. They're an attractive alternative for people who need a product or service, but prefer not to deal with a corporation or wish to be more frugal. They're also ideal for individuals who have a desirable skill, but want to the flexibility of freelance work. Although the posting of odd jobs and temporary gigs is nothing new, it seems there has been a massive increase in crimes associated with them as job networks have gonevirtual. Numerous companies specialize in crowdsourcing a direct-hire, but only a few well-known companies do so locally. was among the first, and many stories that stem from the network are truly horrific. The technology firm, UberX, has been recently linked to numerous news reports of fatalities, sexual assault, personal injury, and more. What is UberX Defining companies like UberX and other peer-to-peer networks can be tricky. They often label themselves as a network only, or in UberX's case, a technology firm. They released an app which allows people to source transportation from an average person. Many people, including local officials, believe their service is actually a taxi company. In this case, they are required to not only have insurance, but also a certificate proving the driver has passed a criminal background check. The Charleston Police Department decided to crack down on the service with an awareness campaign and a series of stings. In December, the first Uber driver was arrested and fined. The most recent reports indicate that Charleston is working on an ordinance which will classify ride-share businesses like UberX as a transportation network company, with special guidelines and regulations. Staying Safe UberX has stood by their drivers and paid the fines that they have accrued. However, they do not accept any responsibility when it comes to personal injury and other crimes involving safety. This became readily apparent when an Uber driver attacked a passenger with a hammer last September. Because the company's terms of service say that users waive their right to sue and release them from any liability, it's up to each rider to ensure his own safety. This may or may not hold water legally in the long run, as cases are still occurring. Presently, there is no way to guarantee your personal safety if you elect to use a crowdsource network. Vigilance, making sure someone knows where you are, and trusting your own instincts can help, though. There are also apps which allow you to send your location to a trusted friend or family member, so that someone will be aware of your location at all times.

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