Ravenel Bridge Accident

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Faulty brakes have been reported as the cause of the tractor trailer crash Monday on the Ravenel Bridge. Monday morning a State Highway Emergency Program truck and a Charleston Police Department cruiser were helping a motorist when the tractor-trailer crashed into their vehicles. SCHP officials have determined faulty brakes were responsible for the driver's inability to reduce his speed, resulting in the accident. The truck's driver was cited for numerous violations.

Brake Failure Accidents

Research show that almost 30% of trucking accident are related to brake failure. Operators are required to have their vehicles inspected at regular intervals. The driver charged in this accident failed get the required inspections. In some accidents, the greatest challenge your attorney faces is proving negligence. He or she must show that the defendant is responsible for your injuries. It would appear that law enforcement has all but established this already, but it is imperative injury victims like these consult with an experienced Charleston accident attorney. Injuries resulting from tractor-trailer wrecks often include spinal cord injuries and head injuries. The symptoms of these injuries may not present immediately. When the injury is apparent, the long and expensive path to recover may not be. An experienced injury lawyer at Clore Law Group will review your prognosis and employ expert witness who can project the long term costs of recover or ongoing medical care. The insurance company may seem gracious in their settlement offer, but their priority is to minimize settlements. You shouldn't find yourself years after an accident struggling financially because it was not sufficient.

Charleston Truck Accident Lawyer

People are often surprised to learn that Charleston has more accidents than any other metro area in all of South Carolina. There is constantly tourist unfamiliar with the local roads. There is a never ending cycle of tractor-trailers delivering and receiving goods from the Port of Charleston. Of course, Charleston has it's share of distracted drivers too. These but a few of the factor resulting in Charleston leading the state in car accidents. If you were injured in an auto accident, call Clore Law Group for a free consultation.

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