Raleigh Fatal Motorcycle Accident

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In most motorcycle accidents involving collision with a car, the car's driver reports not seeing the motorcycle rider until the moment of impact. In a fatal motorcycle accident in Raleigh that killed one rider, the car's driver may seen the rider prior to impact. A Chapel Hill motorcyclist killed in an accident Friday night was going an estimated 80 mph on Glenwood Avenue prior to applying his brakes and leaving 114 feet of skid marks before hitting a car. The rider reduce speed to 51 mph when he hit the car's rear left corner and was thrown onto the pavement, according to the report. The speed limit along is 45 mph. The driver of the car was charged with an unsafe movement violation and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. read more

Motorcycle Accident & Misdemeanor Death

What is misdemeanor death? Misdemeanor death is a criminal charge resulting when a person unintentionally cause the death of another person, while in violation of a law or regulation. A conviction can result in jail time. This is only a criminal charge, which offers little remedy to the family of the deceased. When a person faces such a criminal charge, they will frequently face a civil lawsuit from wrongful death as well. These matters are independent of one another. A wrongful death lawsuit from this motorcycle accident can be victorious regardless the outcome of the criminal charges.

Raleigh Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The negligent death of a loved one has numerous results that affect the future of the victim's family. While struggling through the grief of the death, they must also face the financial and legal issues like:
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Loss of income from the deceased
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of parental guidance for kids
  • Funeral costs
If you are enduring any or all of these issue from a fatal motorcycle accident, contact the Clore Law Group today for a free consultation regarding your legal rights.

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