Poor security and reckless behavior results in tragic death of college student

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A young college student visiting his girlfriend in another city attended a weekend party sponsored by campus approved fraternities and sororities in good standing. The party was held off campus at a rented nightclub owned by a well-respected local businessman, principal of the national property management company that managed the property. Despite specific rules and regulations regarding crowd size, security, and alcohol, the party began and continued with too many people, not enough security, and copious amounts of alcohol being served without identification and age checks. As the evening progressed, fights began to break out, gang members infiltrated the party, confrontations ensued, and the young man who was visiting his girlfriend was ambushed, gunned down, and killed. Everyone still in attendance left the scene, and when local law enforcement arrived, only his body remained. A multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed against the local and national fraternity and sorority chapters, the owner of the property, and the local and national office of his property management group. During the course of the suit, many violations of security, oversight, and alcohol policy were uncovered. It was also found that the property owner and his management group were aware for many years prior to this tragedy that the strip center property had been a haven for violence. In the two years preceding this event, the police and sheriff's office received over 100 calls for violent crime at this location. Before trial, and after two day-long intense sessions with mediators, the case was settled for a significant, confidential amount. The fraternity and sorority were sanctioned and punished by both their school and their national chapter, and the national management company improved and tightened its oversight and management rules. Meanwhile, the property owner issued a serious apology to the college student's family and quickly sold the entire property complex to a church and church school group.

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