North Charleston SUV Rollover

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SUV rollover accident account for a large percentage of auto accidents. Unfortunately, many of the accidents are a result of poor design by the car maker. While striving to bring new vehicles to market, the design entailed a high center on gravity and a short wheel base. These factors have been named as factors in countless SUV rollovers. When drivers make emergency maneuvers attempting to avoid an accident,

North Charleston SUV Rollover

A motorist experience a SUV rollover on Rivers Avenue on Tuesday while attempting to avoid colliding into another car who pulled out in front of them. North Charleston Police responded to the corner of Rivers Avenue and Ashley Phosphate Road to find a SUV overturned near the parking lot of the Vitamin Shoppe. The motorist was east-bound on Rivers Avenue when a vehicle pulled into the same lane. The driver of the sport utility vehicle slammed on the brakes and tried to turn to avoid the accident and ended up rolling off the road. read more

SUV Rollover Law Suit

In a SUV rollover wreck like this, there have been more than one party found liable. At first glance, most people would think the driver who pulled out failing to account for oncoming traffic would be to blame. While that can be the case, the design and/or production of the vehicle may have also contributed to the accident. There are tests to determine a SUV is sufficiently safe to be sold. Unfortunately, there are many factors that have resulted in SUV's going to market that present serious safety risks. In the cases involving the Ford Explorers, the tire and the tire pressure eventually to center stage as the greatest contributing factor the the accidents. Ford still chose to eliminate the Twin I-Beam Suspension System as a "preventative measure." We also learned the roof of the Explorers was incredibly weak and the standards had not been updated in several years. SUV rollover crashes result in serious injury and death. You will need a law firm that has the knowledge, experience and resources to fight auto maker and the insurance company if you are to receive the financial damages you deserve. Contact the Clore Law Group today to speak to an experience SUV rollover accident attorney.

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