NC State Fair Cause of E. coli Outbreak

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State officials say they have identified the Kelley Building at the N.C. State Fair as the source of the recent E. coli outbreak that affected 27 people. The building is one of the permanent structures on the fairgrounds where sheep, goats, and pigs were housed and competed in livestock shows during the fair. No other exhibits, foods or activities were linked to the E. coli infections. State Epidemiologist Megan Davies said the illness is likely related to animal contact, though the study did not implicate any specific animal or breed in the outbreak. Officials with the North Carolina Division of Public Health and the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said Thursday they are working to identify additional protective measures for fairgoers in the future. Read more:

North Carolina E. coli Infections

Over twenty people have confirmed cases of E. coli, including children, some of whom remain hospitalized, fighting hemolytic uremic syndrome, or HUS, a life-threatening complication of toxic E. coli poisoning that causes kidney failure, stroke and other central nervous system damage, heart attack, blindness, pancreatitis and other serious health problems. Children under age 5 are at greatest risk of developing HUS. North Carolina health officials suspect 18 other people are also part of this outbreak. Other E. coli outbreaks have been reported in Missouri, Wisconsin and Michigan. When children are infected, it can lead to death or a long and painful recovery. Unfortunately, outbreaks are most often attributed to negligence on the behalf of a person or company not adhering to the prescribed safety precautions.

North Carolina E. coli Claim

The Clore Law Group battles insurance companies everyday to get their clients the compensation they are legally deserve due to injuries inflicted by another party's negligent actions. With regards to the NC State Fair, we know now that they tracked it to a specific building. Nest report will likely show health code violations allowing this to happen. That is when we will begin to hear of the lawsuit that will arise from this E. coli outbreak.

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