Moped Laws


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According to state law, a "moped" means a cycle with pedals to permit propulsion by human power or without pedals and with a motor of not more than 50 cubic centimeters, with not more than two brake horsepower and which can't go over 30 miles an hour on level ground. If an internal combustion engine is used, the moped must have a power drive system that functions directly or automatically without clutching or shifting by the operator after the drive system is engaged. Due to a sluggish economy and the high cost of gas, you see more and more mopeds in Charleston. Many of these are residents looking to decrease commute expense or decrease their carbon foot print; however, mopeds are popular among tourist too. This means happy vacationers who are unfamiliar with Charleston roads (and are occasionally under the influence of alcohol) are at increasing risk of being in an accident with a car of truck.

Moped Licensing

You'll also need to obtain a Class M Motorcycle endorsement on your regular driver's license for some vehicles, so check with your local DMV to see whether it is required for your bike or one you may be considering. If you're 15 years old of age or older and already have a driver's license, you don't need a special endorsement or a moped license to ride a moped. You must be at least 14 years old to ride a street-legal moped, and you'll need a moped permit or moped license to do so. The current South Carolina Moped laws enables kids too young to drive car to ride mopeds. One reason for driving age laws is reckless driving often coincides with age. Here we allow children to riding a vehicle that is arguable more dangerous than a car (due to the lack of safety equipment). When mopeds crash into other vehicles, or even stationary object like parking meters, their injuries can be severe.

Charleston Moped Accident Lawyer

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