Minimum Limits for South Carolina Auto Insurance

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The minimum auto policy limits of $25,000 went into effect on January 1, 2007. But on existing policies, the new limits take effect on their renewal date, which is every six months from the date of the original policy. That means that depending on the renewal date, you can't be 100% of having $25,000 minimum limits until July 1, 2007. The statutes and cites are after the jump.

§ 38-77-140. Bodily injury and property damage limits; general requirements.

(A) An automobile insurance policy may not be issued or delivered in this State to the owner of a motor vehicle or may not be issued or delivered by an insurer licensed in this State upon a motor vehicle then principally garaged or principally used in this State, unless it contains a provision insuring the persons defined as insured against loss from the liability imposed by law for damages arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of these motor vehicles within the United States or Canada, subject to limits exclusive of interest and costs, with respect to each motor vehicle, as follows: (1) twenty-five thousand dollars because of bodily injury to one person in any one accident and, subject to the limit for one person; (2) fifty thousand dollars because of bodily injury to two or more persons in any one accident; and (3) twenty-five thousand dollars because of injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident. (B) Nothing in this article prevents an insurer from issuing, selling, or delivering a policy providing liability coverage in excess of these requirements. Former 1976 Code § 56-9-820 [1962 Code § 46-750.32; 1963 (53) 526; 1974 (58) 2718] recodified as § 38-77-140 by 1987 Act No. 155, § 1; 1997 Act No. 154, § 12. Amended by 2006 Act No. 395, § 3.A, eff June 14, 2006 affecting policies issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2007.

§ 38-77-30. Definitions.

(12) "Renewal" or "to renew" means the issuance and delivery by an insurer of a policy superseding at the end of the policy period a policy previously issued and delivered by the same insurer, the renewal policy to provide types and limits of coverage at least equal to those contained in the policy being superseded, or the issuance and delivery of a certificate or notice extending the terms of a policy beyond its policy period or term with types and limits of coverage at least equal to those contained in the policy being extended. However, any policy with a policy period or term of less than six months or any period with no fixed expiration date is considered as if written for successive policy periods or terms of six months.

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