Many Charleston Car Wrecks Could Be Stopped with Simple Tool


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According to the CDC, every single day at least 9 people are killed, and another 1,153 are injured in the United States by distracted drivers. These car wrecks involve anything that takes a driver's eyes off the road, removes his hands from the wheel, or causes his mind to lose focus on driving. Cell phones do all three of these things, and are believed to account for 26% of all collisions, per the National Safety Council. Teens are 24-Times More-Likely to Have a Collision if They Use a Cell Phone The CDC tracks causes of death throughout the nation, and has discovered that collisions are the leading cause of accidental fatalities for teens. Not surprisingly, distracted driving is a huge part of the problem, with cell phone use increasing the likelihood of a collision 24 times over. Active Compliance Has Been Key in Prior Accident-Reduction Methods Agencies have recommended several methods that parents can use to help keep their kids safe, but they all require active compliance from the teen. In other words, the young driver must make a choice to follow through and comply with the parent's directives. Having a no cell phone while driving policy can be helpful, but only if the teen follows through. Having the child sign a contract is useful as well, but, again, it relies on the teen taking action on his own later. Some parents also require teens to turn off their phones while driving, and many municipalities, including Charleston and South Carolina as a whole, have cell phone bans. While these things do help reduce car wrecks among young drivers, more can be done. A New Mobile App Works Passively to Reduce Accidents The CDC decided to take a new mobile app for a spin to see if it could help. Rather than requiring a teen to take action, it quietly runs in the background. When the vehicle is started, the app automatically begins to cease all transmissions to the cell phone. This way, kids aren't tempted by a ring or a notification beep while they're driving. Messages appear as soon as the car is shut off, when it's safe to read them again. In CDC Tests, the Mobile App Reduced Risky Behavior by 80% A group of young drivers was observed for a period of time via camera while using the mobile app. Researchers watched for risky behaviors, such as slamming on the breaks and swerving. Overall, those who used the mobile app had 80% fewer risky behaviors than those who did not. Although the name of the app was not released, reports indicate that it's widely available and affordable.

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