Lap-Band Warning

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced that it has taken action against eight California surgical centers and the marketing firm 1-800-GET-THIN LLC, for misleading advertising of the Lap-Band, an FDA-approved device used for weight loss in obese adults. In the letters, the FDA warns that billboards and advertising inserts used by recipients of the Warning Letters to promote the Lap-Band procedure fail to provide required risk information, including warnings, precautions, possible side effects and contraindications. The FDA also is concerned that the font size of information related to risks on the advertising inserts is too small to be read by consumers. "The FDA takes seriously its responsibility to protect consumers from products promoted without adequate warnings," said Steve Silverman, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health. "It's particularly troublesome when advertisements don't communicate the serious risks associated with medical devices." If you were not warned of the risks of Lap-Band before your surgery and have suffer serious side effects, contact the attorneys at the Clore Law Group for a free consultation. They're experienced is handling dangerous and defective product lawsuits.

What is the Lap-Band?

The Lap-Band is a gastric band, an implanted medical device used in a surgical procedure for weight loss in obese adults who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30-40, with one or more obesity-related medical conditions (such as type II diabetes and hypertension), or in patients with a BMI of 40 or over with or without an obesity-related medical condition. Gastric banding is used when non-surgical weight loss methods (such as supervised diet, exercise and behavior modification) have not been successful. Patients considering gastric banding must be willing to make major changes in their eating habits and lifestyle.the affected companies do not change the advertising and promotion strategies to address the concerns raised by the FDA, the agency is prepared to take further action, which could include product seizure or civil money penalties. (read more on FDA site)

Lap-Band Law Suits

Patients suffering serious side effects from the Lap-band have taken action for several causes. First, there have been instances of negligent medical procedures installing the device. This type of lawsuit is known as a medical malpractice lawsuit. The second cause is demonstrated in this warning. Both the company manufacturing the medical device and the doctors advertising have guideline to follow regarding warning you of the potential risks. When they do not, you have legal rights to seek damages from the harm caused by the product. This is a complex matter and choosing the right attorney is largely determine if you receive the financial compensation you are due. If you or some one you love was injured by a dangerous medical device like the Lap-Band, call the Clore Law Group today for a free consultation.

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