Ladson Motorcycle Crash

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A motorcycle crash left one man was hospitalized Sunday afternoon with life threatening injuries. The accident involved the motorcycle rider and one other car. The two vehicles collided on Highway 78, in Ladson. When motorcyclist are injured by a careless driver, they have legal rights to seek damages for the related medical expenses, as well as pain an suffering. When the rider is killed, the family can seek legal remedy by way a wrongful death lawsuit. You should call the fatal motorcycle accident attorneys at the Clore Law Group to understand your legal rights. Consultation are always free and they do not earn their fees until they win your case.

South Carolina Motorcycle Crash Information

There are approximately 100 death resulting from motorcycle crashes each year in South Carolina. Sometimes, the victims and their families do not believe they have a case because the rider of the other driver did not have insurance. Sometimes that is the case, but not always. This is why you should call a lawyer and explain the specifics of your motorcycle crash.

Charleston Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Nationally, about 50,000 people are hurt in and almost 2,000 killed by a motorcycle crash. The Clore Law Group helps injured people and their families get the compensation they are entitled under South Carolina laws. Call 800-610-2546 now to discuss you motorcycle crash.

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