Irene Victims’ Slow to get Insurance Claims


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Many of those whose homes and property were damaged by Hurricane Irene still have not asked for help from the federal government, and some who have sought help from their private insurance companies are having trouble getting it. Those were the reports Thursday by state officials tracking recovery efforts from the storm that hit North Carolina the last weekend in August, killing six people, destroying 1,100 homes, and damaging thousands of others. Insurance headaches The primary source of money for storm-related home repairs will likely be insurance through private companies, the National Flood Insurance Program, and the quasi-public N.C. Beach Plan. But Wayne Goodwin, the state's commissioner of insurance, said that system isn't working flawlessly, either. Last week, Goodwin said, he began to hear complaints from policyholders in Craven, Pamlico and Dare counties that they had been visited by claims adjusters who promised to get back in touch, then never came back and couldn't be reached by phone. Other policyholders, he said, were confused about where to turn, many of them never having filed a claim before and not sure what would be covered by whom. Some had received checks, but weren't sure whether those were full or partial payments. As a result, Goodwin's office is opening temporary "insurance assistance centers" to be staffed a day or two each week in New Bern, Manteo, and on Hatteras Island. "We're asking them to arm us with information so we can go to battle for them if necessary," Goodwin said. Read more:

Hurricane Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies collect premiums month after month. The insured expect that when they need help, the hurricane insurance coverage they've paid for will be there. The first line of defense is denying coverage. Let's say you have hurricane coverage, but no flood coverage. When your home is washed away during a hurricane they will claim it was flood damage. If you can get through the coverage argument, then you have to fight for a fair estimate. Adjusters will respond quickly, but the insured are horribly disappointed when they receive their damage estimate. Typically, it will be an amount lower than what's needed to repair your damage. US Landfall for Hurricane Irene was August 28. Hurricane damage victims are one month out and are struggling to get a fair claim check.

Hurricane Insurance Lawyers

Hurricane insurance lawyers know how the companies try to short-change their customers. Insurance companies don't try all the nonsense on attorneys... but they still try much of it! Experienced hurricane insurance lawyers will expedite your claims and help you get the maximum claim check available from your insurance policy. What you need to know is what the insurance companies already know: if they don't treat you fairly, your attorney will sue them. There are still times when they refuse, but the precedent was set when the first lawsuit settled from hurricane Katrina. If you are having trouble getting your insurance company to pay up after Hurricane Irene, contact the Clore Law Group today for a free consultation.

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