I-26 Closed: Tractor-trailer Fire

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Eastbound lanes of Interstate 26 at mile marker 187 may be closed until 8 p.m. after a tractor-trailer caught fire Monday afternoon. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, a fully engulfed tractor-trailer has caused lanes to be closed at the Ridgeville exit. Hundreds of cars are stuck in traffic near the incident. Officials say they hope to open one lane of traffic by 7 p.m., but slow downs are still expected. A backhoe arrived from the Department of Transportation around 5 p.m. State troopers are rerouting traffic on the interstate. Troopers say that computers inside the truck are causing the vehicle to burn longer than usual. Traffic can take the 177 exit (Harleyville), then take US-178 to US-78, make a left onto Highway 27 and then enter I-26 at the 187 (Ridgeville) entrance to get back onto the interstate heading east. The Red Cross will be dropping off water at the scene and that water will be distributed to the emergency workers and to the drivers that are stuck in traffic between exit 177 & mile marker 186. There is no word on what caused the fire or if there were any injuries.

Tractor-trailer Fire

This demonstrates why tractor-trailer accidents are so dangerous. We do not yet know if this was a car accident or if their were injuries, but we see the impact this tractor-trailer fire is having on all those near it.

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