Holiday Car Accident


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Did you know that drunk driving is a leading cause of car accident lawsuits following the holidays? During holidays, family and friends gather and have some drinks. Unfortunately, many do not make arrangements for a designated driver. When these intoxicated drivers cause a car accident with injury, they are typically charged with felony DUI. This is a more serious charge when there is bodily injury, including death, caused while the at fault driver is intoxicated.

When DUI Results in a Car Accident

The criminal charge may result in jail time and a loss of license for the accused, but it does nothing to restore the victims from the financial turmoil created by the car accident. The victims will have medical expenses from treatment. Sometimes, this could mean long-term physical therapy or even permanent disability. They may not be able to work as a result of the injuries. A criminal conviction cannot help the victims with these challenges.
If you or someone you love was injured by a drunk driver this holiday season, contact a Charleston personal injury lawyer at the Clore Law Group. They have helped people across the entire country when they were injured in car accidents. The attorneys all live in the Lowcountry and routinely help victims in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Sumter, Georgetown, and Florence.

Charleston Car Accident Lawyer

The percentage of intoxicated drivers increases as the sun goes down; even more so during the holidays. The Clore Law Group encourages you to designate a driver or call a cab if you drink this holiday season. The cost of a cab is far less than the increase in auto insurance, the loss of employment, and other cost involved with being charged with DUI. If you were in a car accident, call the Clore Law Group now for a free consultation.

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