Grievous Personal Injury Results in Nearly One-Million Bikes Recalled


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Trek bikes are world-renowned for being of high-quality. They're not the type of bicycle you'll find at an average box store, as even their tot models start at about $200, while their adult cycles reach well into the thousands. Unfortunately, it was recently discovered that their products are defective, and at least one person has become a quadriplegic as a result. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), at least two other victims have been seriously hurt by the bikes as well. Approximately 98,000 of these bikes were released in Canada, and a further 900,000 in the United States, including parts of South Carolina. It's possible we'll start to see personal injury claims in Charleston as the full scope of the damage becomes known. Which Bikes Have Been Recalled As noted earlier, this particular recall pertains specifically to the bike manufacturer, "Trek Bicycle Corporation," of Waterloo, Wisconsin, and includes models from a 15-year span. Some bicycles were actually sold as early as 1999, though the recall includes bikes from the model years 2000-2015. No official list of bicycle styles included has been published, but the CPSC reports that normal retail price for them ranges from $480 to $1,650. How the Bikes Cause Personal Injury All of the bikes involved have a black or silver quick-release lever on the front wheel. This particular release lever was manufactured in Taiwan, even though Trek is an American company. The problem comes in when riders fail to secure the lever before riding, which enables it to come into contact with the disc brake before riding. This results in the bike coming to an immediate stop, or in destruction of the brake assembly. What to if You Have a Trek Bike Trek reports that these incidents are not the result of a defective product, but instead, are caused by a standard design, used by many manufacturers. The existing release has a throw greater than 180-degrees, and replacement parts with a smaller range are available at Trek retailers. Consumers are urged to go any store that sells Trek bikes and get a free replacement. Even still, Trek has a responsibility to release only safe products, and it's not known whether the release levers involved in these incidents opened during transit, or if a design error contributed to the accidents. While Trek is pointing the finger at these victims for leaving the lever open, no evidence has been made public that suggests the individuals were negligent. In short, anyone could become a victim, including those who are vigilant.

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