Increased Fines for Auto Defects

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A proposal being considered by Congress would increase fines for automakers who delay the recall of defective vehicles. As we learned in the late 1970's with the Ford Pinto cases, auto defect recalls are determined on a cost-benefit analysis; their costs weighed against the benefit of yours and your family's lives. The potential of multi-million dollar fines for choosing to delay the recall of flawed automotive products may prove to be the motivation the automotive manufactures' need to do what's right. The proposal is part of a more comprehensive bill to reform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Should it pass, it would raise the maximum fines for car makers to $250 million from the existing amount of approximately $17 million.

Accidents and Deaths Due to Auto Defects

Defective automobiles, including their component parts and tires, kill and seriously injure thousands of Americans every year. If you are hurt by a defective automobile, you are entitled to compensation. Clore Law Group will help you seek the maximum compensation under the law. Most common auto defects include rollovers, fires, faulty tires, failing seat belts, steering and transmission defects. Not all law firms have the financial resources or experience to prepare and try any auto defects claim. We are prepared to take your trial to a jury to win your case.

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Clore Law Group accepts auto defect cases involving poor design and faulty manufacturing. We will hire and pay for the investigators, experts and accident re-constructionists. Many cases are settled prior to trial, but if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached your case will be tried. Call today to discuss your potential auto defects lawsuit.

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