Fatal Trucking Accident


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A tractor collided with a log truck Thursday afternoon on Lodge Highway in Colleton County resulting in a fatal trucking accident. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the driver of a 1969 John Deere farm tractor was trying to make a left turn onto Sunflower Lane, when the driver of a tractor-trailer loaded with logs tried to pass on a double yellow line and crashed into his tractor. When a person dies this way, a good Durham trucking accident lawyer can advise you if you may be able to seeks damages. The log truck overturned and spilled the logs onto the road closing it to traffic for about six hours.

Trucking Accident Injuries

Commercial vehicles, including 18 wheelers, semi-trucks and tractor trailers require higher insurance coverage than passenger vehicles. The size of the vehicles is an inherent danger as injuries in a trucking accident will likely be more severe. In South Carolina, the I-95 corridor is prone to severe trucking accidents due to the frequency 18 wheelers travel enroute to forestry product companies and lumber companies located in the Low Country of South Carolina. Florence, Sumter and George town also see thier share of trucking accidents, even though they are not on the highway. A trucking accident will frequently produce spinal and head injuries. A trucking accident attorney will refere the these as "traumatic injuries." While we would agree all accident are traumatic to the victims, a trucking accident lawyer defines a trucking accident injury thsi way due to the catastrophic nature of the injury. Injuries to the head and necks lead to paralysis and other physical impairments. The mandatory insurance coverages on big rigs in intent to pay damage for medical expenses and other suffering.

Low Country Trucking Accident Attorney

Choosing a trucking accident attorney is a decision that will affect your ability to afford the ongoing medical treatment you may need. The Clore Law Group LLC in Charleston help truing accident victims receive compensation for their medical expenses. If you were seriously injured in a South carolina trucking accident, contact the Clore Law Group today.

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