Fatal Moped Accident

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The Berkeley County Coroner's Office has determined the man killed after his moped was struck by a car late Tuesday night on Old Highway 52 (just south of Monk's Corner) was killed by blunt force trauma. The victim was not wearing a helmet when he was rear-ended by another motorist. Charges have not been filed. More times than not, a rear end collision will result in a criminal charge. The law stipulates drivers are to maintain control of their vehicle at all times in such a way as to avoid impacting other vehicles or persons. There are exceptions, or course. If the victim is in the act of violating motor vehicle laws, including any specific moped laws, in could preempt criminal charges. The fact law enforcement have yet to press charges could indicate this accident may be one of the exceptions. Regardless of criminal charges, if you lost a family member in a car or moped accident, you should speak to a Charleston accident lawyer. South Carolina wrongful death laws enable you pursue justice via the civil justice system in addition to or in absence of criminal charges.

What is wrongful death?

Wrongful death is a lawsuit against a person who can be held responsible for a death. It is usually filed on the behalf of close relatives, but may also be applicable for financial dependents. The purpose is to restore the family or dependents to their position prior to the accident, at least financially. For example, let's say the man killed in this accident was the sole provider of a family. His death would eliminate the income he earns now and in the future. The family would also incur medical costs and funeral costs. Without the right to win financial damages by means of a wrongful death lawsuit, the entire family would suffer due to the reckless or careless actions of another person. No amount of money can replace the lost family member, but at least it can allow the affected family to keep their home and pay their bills.

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