E. coli Outbreak

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What is an E. coli "outbreak?" According to the CDC, an "outbreak" is the occurrence of more cases of disease than normally expected within a specific place or group of people over a given period of time. This means numerous people getting the same infection is recognized as a public safety issue. To a scientist, an outbreak is the same as an epidemic, but the media prefer outbreak as they feel it does not sound as bad. When news of the outbreak was announced, attorney Eric Brock first response was "the state fair is in town again." Having grown up in North Carolina and attended UNC, he remembers the prior E. coli outbreaks attributed to the petting zoo at the fair. According to CNN, 10 cases have been confirmed. Another 16 cases are under investigation. All cases have been linked to the North Carolina State Fair.

E. coli Outbreak Investigation

Why investigate E. coli outbreaks? Outbreak and epidemics are investigated for the purpose of creating vacines. E. coli outbreaks are investigated to determine the cause and create new rules and laws to prevent future outbreaks. The best defense against E. coli infections is washing your hands. Animals at petting zoos can carry E. coli, even though it does not affecting them. Petting zoos are required to provide washing or sanitizing facilities. There are other rules fairs must adhere. When they do not, they can be found liable to the victims of an E. coli outbreak. If you or your child contract E. coli and an investigation is underway, contact a lawyer to discuss your potential case.

E. coli Lawyer

Helping those infected by E. coli is a passion of the Clore Law Group. The infection affects children most. When people do not follow the laws enacted to protect children, they need to be held accountable so they don't go to the next state and injured more kids. Contact the Clore Law Group if you or your child was infected with E. coli at the North Carolina State Fair.

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