Drunk Driving Fatality in Orangeburg


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According to news reports, the South Carolina Highway Patrol reported an accident in Orangeburg County involving a Dodge four-door and an ambulance that had resulted in one drunk driving fatality. It was reported around 7:30am Sunday on Magnolia Street, one mile north of Orangeburg. Troopers said the driver of the Dodge four-door was 22-year-old Zachary Thomas. They went on to say that Thomas' passenger was the drunk driving fatality in the crash. The driver of the ambulance was identified as Franklin Boardin of Orangeburg. Troopers said there was a passenger inside the ambulance at the time of the crash. The patrol's MAIT team is currently investigating the incident. While DUI is a criminal charge, drunk driving fatality also may result in a civl lawsuit.

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Although most people think a drunk driving fatality is caused by drivers whose blood alcohol level (BAC) is well above the legal limit–this is not always the case. Many serious accidents are caused by drivers who may not be legally drunk, but whose impaired motor skills pose a significant threat to innocent drivers. The Clore Law Group LLC limits its practice to helping those who have been seriously injured or those who have lost a loved one in accidents like this drunk driving fatality. They work to hold drunk drivers responsible for the devastating accidents they cause and will not hesitate to take a case to trial to protect the best interests of their clients. Please contact The Clore Law Group LLC today if you have endured any of the following injuries in a drunk driving fatality:

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Contact the Charleston, South Carolina, law offices of The Clore Law Group LLC if a loved one was a drunk driving fatality. Call 1-843-722-8070 for a free consultation. They are available for evening and off-site appointments and handle drunk driving fatality cases on contingency fee basis. You pay no attorneys' fees unless they obtain a verdict or settlement in your drunk driving fatality case.

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