Drunk-Driving Accident Results in Resignation of Sheriff in South Carolina


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Near Charleston, a drunk-driving accident has been getting some serious press. It actually involves a man who was, at the time, the Sheriff of Berkeley County. After more than 20 years with the sheriff's department, Wayne DeWitt found himself on the other side of the law on December 28, 2014. Not only was he reportedly caught driving under the influence, he has also been indicted on charges for leaving the scene of an accident and failing to stop for blue lights.

What Happened that Morning

Reports are still pouring in and investigations are underway to reveal the true scope of what happened the day that DeWitt was arrested. According to initial reports, he collided with another car around 5 am on December 28 near Red Bank Road and Henry E. Brown Junior Boulevard. Despite the fact that the other driver was injured, he fled the scene in his county-owned vehicle and was later tracked down by a Hanahan police officer, who had actually worked as a deputy until a little over a month before the incident. Dewitt was observed swerving outside of his lane, driving in excess of 100mph, and supposedly had an open container of alcohol in his vehicle at the time of the collision. Moreover, he ignored the lights and sirens of the officer and also refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene when he eventually pulled over.


There have been many issues with how DeWitt's case has been handled so far. The judge was initially unsure whether DeWitt's arrest was lawful, citing an old law that only permitted the coroner to make an arrest. Because it's up to the presiding officers which charges should be pressed, and there are discrepancies between the original police report and what can be seen on dashcam footage, the former sheriff has only been indicted on three charges. His DUI could cost him $400 and result in as much as 30 days of jail time. Leaving the scene may result in up to $5,000 in penalties and/or a year in prison. He has also since resigned from office, though not until more than a month had passed since the incident. No information has been made available about the driver of the other vehicle involved in DeWitt's drunk-driving accident, though initial reports said the injuries sustained were minor.

Charleston Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Bear in mind that not only did this accident involve a member of law enforcement, it also occurred during the early hours of the morning. It's a sad reminder that anyone might make the choice to drive under the influence and that intoxicated drivers are on the road at all hours of the day. Thankfully, it sounds like the other driver will recover well, but we don't know for sure and it doesn't always work out that way. Victims who are lucky enough to survive often wind up with extensive medical bills, missed time from work, and damage to their vehicles which need repairs. The courts do provide reparations in these situations, but victims usually need an attorney's help to secure a just settlement to cover all the costs accrued. If you have been hurt by someone who was intoxicated and behind the wheel, please contact us for a free consultation. Use our online form or speak with one of our attorneys right away by calling 1(800)610-2546.

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