Dewees Island Home Fires

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Fire Department officials are trying to determine the cause of a massive home fire that destroyed two homes on Dewees Island Tuesday night. Just prior to 10 p.m., one home caught fire and spread rapidly to others. It resulted in two homes being completely destroyed and several others being damaged. When fires damage destroys a home or business, the property owner will need to file a claim with their insurance company. In a perfect world, the insurers would pay the claim in accordance with policy's provisions. Unfortunately, people who have filed a fire damage claim can attest that it is not that simple. The cause of this fire, has yet to be determined. If the first home's fire was set intentionally, what does that mean to the others' insurance claims? If a claim is paid, will it go to the mortgage holder first making the property owner wait for repairs until the insurance company chooses a contractor? These are just the begin of the complex questions that may arise when filling a substantial insurance claim like those following a home fire. Contact the property damage lawyers at Clore Law Group if you have experienced damage or complete destruction to your property from a fire. Our attorneys are experience in negotiating insurance claims and will work to see you receive the claim settlement needed to repair or replace your property.

Fire Injuries

Fortunately, no one was injured in these fires. What if some one was hurt or died in these blazes? Perusing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit could be extremely complex, but very necessary. There would be medical expenses to be paid or loss of income in the event of death. An attorney would need to investigate thoroughly the cause of the fire to ascertain the appropriate party against which to take action. In order to best determine the long term future costs involved with medical treatment or therapy required, our fire injury attorneys will employ experts who can determine what the projected cost of medical treatment will be. The experts will also speak to the future lost income in the event of long-term or permanent disability. Clore Law Group will diligently seek the maximum compensation to ensure your financial needs will be met following a fire injury.

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