Death from Workplace Injury


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Workers Memorial Day was marked with a candlelight vigil Thursday in recognition of the 70 people who died on the job in South Carolina last year, according to this article. Tom O'Connor, executive director of the nonprofit National Council for Occupational Safety and Health said one reason the issue of workplace injury and death has failed to gain much traction is because there is a view among some that workplace injury and death are "inevitable."

Workplace Injury Prevention

Employers should take developing prevention plans of workplace injury very seriously. The first step in prevention of workplace injury and health hazards is to be aware of the fact that they can happen to any person, at any time, in any occupation and at any job site, whether it is a big mill or a small office. The second step is to implement all necessary and reasonably feasible precautionary measures to minimize the risks and hazards in the place of work, in the behavior of employees, and, to the extent possible, in the description of the job itself. Here are a few tips to help employers minimize the chances for workplace injury:

  • Clear all physical obstacles
  • Mix up tasks for employees
  • Have an on-site clinic and medical staff
  • Properly train all employees.

Each of these should help employers reduce workplace injury risks, helping reduce costs on the job and protect the safety of employees.

Workplace Injury Attorneys in Mt. Pleasant and Charleston

The Clore Law Group LLC has seen many cases in which injured workers face staggering medical bills at a time when they are losing wages due to time off work. Some employees are unable to return to their jobs at all after a serious injury. South Carolina employees who suffer injuries on the job may be entitled to benefits under their employer's workers' compensation policy. Additionally, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to disabled workers in need. Call the Clore Law Group today if you have suffered a workplace injury.

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