Chapel Hill Cell Phone Ban

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The Town of Chapel Hill became the first-in-the-nation enacting a ban on using a cell phone while driving. The town's leader aim to reduce the number of car accidents by discouraging this distraction while driving. Clore Law Group attorney Eric Brock earned his bachelor degree in Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina. "I remember drivers as being quite cautious of pedestrian and bicyclist, but most people did not have cell phones in 1984. Drivers did not have that distraction." When the new ordinance taking affect on June 1st makes talking on hand-held or hands-free cell phones while driving illegal and violators will be fined $25. North Carolina has an existing ban on texting while driving. Most other states have varying ban on using a cell phone while driving.

Is Chapel Hill's cell phone ordinance enforceable?

The News & Observer reports the State Attorney General's Office as stating local laws are preempted by state law and are not enforceable. North Carolina intends to provide a "complete and integrated regulatory scheme" concerning cell phone use while driving. The courts will decide who can govern this dangerous practice, but the local ordinance sends a clear message that Chapel Hill is concerned of the risk and determined to do what it can to deter the car accidents and deaths related to using a cell while driving. According to a Governor's Highway Safety Association (GHSA) report in 2011, approximately two-thirds of all drivers say they use a cell phone while driving. Furthermore, distracted drivers were involved in 15 to 30 percent of car accidents between 2000 and 2011.

Cell Phone Accident with Injury

Clore Law Group has attorneys licensed in numerous states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. If you were injured or had a loved one killed in a car accident involving cell phone use by the driver, call today for a free consultation. This injuring others while texting or talking while driving, as well as any other type of distracted driving should be held accountable.

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