Carolina Panthers Quarterback Back in Action After Serious Car Wreck


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Carolina Panthers fans were understandably on the edge of their seats last month, both on game-day and off. On December 9, star quarterback, Cam Newton was involved in a serious car wreck, just blocks away from Bank of America Stadium.

The police report indicates that Newton was traveling southbound on South Church Street in his 1998 Dodge pickup truck. Police say he was driving safely, obeying the 35 mile-per-hour speed limit, and was headed to the stadium around noon that day. Eyewitnesses say that a 2013 Buick, which was headed westbound on West Hill Street, pulled directly in front of Newton. The driver of the Buick had a stop sign, which some reports indicate the driver failed to yield. He admits to not seeing Newton, though, and says he attempted to redirect his vehicle to avoid the collision. Unfortunately, he was unable to and collided with Newton's driver-side door while traveling at approximately 20 miles-per-hour. Despite the low rates of speed, the car accident caused Newton's truck to roll several times before coming to a rest, upside-down, on the bridge over the John Belk Freeway.

Both drivers were hospitalized following the accident. Newton was diagnosed with two transverse process fractures in his lower back. These have been likened to rib fractures, as they are small and generally heal without further medical intervention. Treatment typically involves rest and time off from strenuous activities, as well as pain management, and anti-inflammatory medications, until the patient feels well. In Newton's case, he was hospitalized for roughly 24 hours, and did not return to football until December 21. It's worth noting that Panthers Spokesman, Charlie Dayton, told reporters that Newton's fractures could have been from football, and not the accident. However, the quarterback was not sore and was feeling well beforehand. The extent of the other driver's injuries are not known, although he was treated at the hospital and released after a short stay as well.

Back to Football
Considering Newton began the year with an off-season ankle injury, after that he had a preseason rib injury, and then he was hurt in the car accident, it's surprising he has played at all. However, he joined his team in a close victory against the Browns on December 21. He also helped them whoop the Falcons on December 28, which was followed by another win against the Cardinals on January 3. Newton appears to have recovered well and is already back in fighting form. However, that isn't always the case with roll-over accidents. Car wrecks in Charleston, Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas often turn deadly under similar circumstances, so it's a relief to see one play out as well as this one has. Both drivers have resumed their lives, and neither one received a citation.

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