Car Crash Workers' Compensation Claim


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Can a car crash result in a South Carolina Workers' Compensation Claim? Live 5 News of Charleston reports that an elderly woman lost control of her car crashing into a Food Lion in Goose Creek Thursday adternoon. Thankfully no one was hurt, but what if a store employee was injured? Would North Carolina workers' compensation laws cover there workplace injury? Could Food Lion be held liable in a third party lawsuit in addition of or instead of the workers' compensation claim? These are complicated questions that an experienced workers' compensation lawyer, like the ones at the Clore Law Group LLC, can answer.

Goose Creek Workers' Compensation

For most on-the-job injuries, workers are limited to Workers' Compensation benefits to cover their losses. If a third party other than your employer or co-worker caused or contributed to your accident, however, you may have a lawsuit for damages against that person or business. The Charleston, South Carolina, workers' compensation attorneys at the Clore Law Group LLC offer experience in work injury claims, both Workers' Compensation and civil litigation. To find out if you have a good case, contact them today at 843-722-8070. You may also visit the Charleston Workers' Compensation Information Center to learn more about workers' compensations claims. Workers' Compensation pays for work-related injuries regardless of who is at fault. The flipside is that workers cannot sue their employers, supervisors, or co-workers for negligence leading to injury. Furthermore, Workers' Compensation is limited to medical expenses and a reduced portion of your regular wages.

Third Party for Workers' Compensation Claim

If you have a case against a third party for your work injury, you can sue for the costs of future medical care, the full replacement of lost earnings, pain and suffering, and lost quality of life. Likewise, if a family member died of a work injury, you could initiate a wrongful death action against the responsible third party. The third party cannot be in the chain of employment, but could be:

  • A manufacturer of defective machinery or vehicle
  • Another subcontractor whose negligence led to injury
  • A property owner who failed to provide security or safety precautions at a construction site or other work site

If you were injured at work, contact the Charleston Workers' Compensation lawyers at the Clore Law Group today.

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