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Despite the early hour, the New Jersey turnpike remained busy with commuters on the morning of June 7, 2014. The road was under construction, which slowed traffic until it nearly came to a stop, as lanes merged together. The driver of a tour van followed suit, while his passengers spoke jovially about the evening's events at a comedy performance. It's quite possible they didn't even notice what was happening around them, as the van's driver kept watch over conditions. Unfortunately, someone else on the road that fateful morning didn't notice the slowing traffic either. Worse yet, he also happened to be driving a big rig. Barreling down the turnpike, at a full 65 mph, the several-ton 18-wheeler crashed into the back of the slow-moving tour van. Before the driver of the van even knew what happened, he and his passengers were forced to collide with the vehicle in front of them, triggering a six-car pileup and causing the van to roll onto its side. One man in that van lost his life that morning and three more were critically injured. Normally, an event like this might garner a few moments of news time- perhaps just enough to explain to the morning commuters why the road was closed, or to urge people to take surface streets. However, this wasn't an ordinary tour van. It was a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and among the critically injured, was none other than the famous comedian, Tracy Morgan. Recipe for Disaster As is the case with many trucking accidents, speed was a factor. The driver either missed or ignored the signs that directed him to slow to 45 mph. Additionally, federal limits restrict truckers to a maximum allowance of 14-hour shifts before they are required to rest, and this driver was nearing the limit with 13-hours and 32-minutes under his belt. Reports indicate he was also driving for close to 10-hours straight. Though within the federal maximum of 11-hours, it's likely that fatigue would set in. The driver who caused the trucking accident openly admitted that he didn't notice traffic had slowed. Police reports say that he also told them he was awakefor 24-hours straight, prior to the collision, though the driver now denies ever saying this. Result The whole truth may never be known, but based on reports fatigue either caused the driver of the big rig to become distracted or to fall asleep behind the wheel. As a result, one life was lost and many lives will never be the same. Presently, Mr. Morgan remains unable to walk, and it's unclear whether he will work again. The trucker has pled not-guilty to charges pressed. The company he was transporting goods for, Wal-Mart, now claims the injuries that passengers in the tour van received were a result of their own negligence, because they were not wearing seat belts. David vs Goliath Deadly trucking accidents such as this happen regularly and often for the same reasons. The average person may feel pressured or be blamed by the large corporation, although their driver was ultimately responsible for the collision. Sadly, without proper legal representation, the victims will sometimes silently settle out of court, believing they can't receive, or are not entitled to, reasonable compensation for their loss and hardship. Only time will tell the outcome of Mr. Morgan's case.

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